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The future of stand-up is taking place now.

say farewell to watching shows at home via "zoom"

instead of being at home and kind of watching the show, well instead you're getting a full show, lights action, and tons of laughter.


On the card, we have 2 of the finest comedians Israel has to offer.

in the left corner we have pelge hiba, an upcoming bright Israeli Jewish comedian, imagine 3 tons of creativity on stage, now double it. During the past 10 years, he has performed and tore down every single comedy club and bar in Israel.

in the right corner, we have Mohamad abulafah, an Arab comedian aka the next big thing in the standup scene. An edgy Muslim comedian that will make laugh until it hearts.


What else is special about this show?

You can view this show via a large screen at a comedy club or a bar, while other people are also viewing it from all over the globe, both comedians won't be there but they can see every person in the attendees. it's a perfect combination of the technology and the future of comedy mixed into one.

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